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web design... Jul. 22nd, 2008 @ 10:52 am
So, it seems after a while of not working on my web design project...i've decided to go back to working on it.

Unfortunately, i apparently failed to document anything I ever did when coding for this thing, and i don't even know where to begin, as far as development goes...so as of now, I am semi-scrapping my existing website, and starting anew.

I hope to keep the exact same layout as I've already come up with, as it's a solid fluid-based layout that's quite easy on the eyes...etc.

As for now, I plan to throw up some placeholder on the domain, and will continue to work on things locally, until I have something worthwhile to throw up on the web again. Hopefully it won't be long in doing so, as I'm basically just reorganizing everything I've done...hopefully things work out better this time around.

As for any updates regarding projects, I'll keep people updated here while my website is 'down'.

Thanks for your time!
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Ugh. Jul. 20th, 2008 @ 10:48 am
So apparently, my PSU in my PC was bad, becuase about three days ago, my system decided it wanted to quit turning on at all.

I had to take a 300 watt PSU from an old PC and throw it in this box to save it, and only did so yesterday. Apparently the death caused some HDD corruption, so I had to completely reinstall Windows and all that jazz, and I've been reduced to using one HDD (120GB) instead of three (120GB+80GBx2)...due to the PSU having insufficient wattage/molex connectors.

I've decided to pick up a second job temporarily, so I can fund the building of a new system. Specs/parts will probably be listed later on as I get an idea of what I'll be nabbing.

As for current projects, I'm now in the process of learning either wxPython (Python bindings for wxWindows/wxWidgets) or Qt4.

Also, I am considering (after that) learning the basics of PyGame, which seem to be Python bindings for SDL, which is (as far as I can tell) an open source equivalent to DirectX. Using this, I may conceivably enter the realm of basic video game coding!

Also, I am considering getting back into Flash development for the same reason (basic game development).

So...onward with software reinstallations! Dev projects, here I come!
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Goddamnit. Jul. 7th, 2008 @ 09:10 pm
So, I was on IRC, and realized today (while on #techfurs, on FurNet) that another friend of mine is writing an IRC client in Perl with the same name as what I'd picked out for mine.

I guess I get to think of another catchy IRC client name.

Any SERIOUS suggestions would be appreciated.
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Bah Jul. 7th, 2008 @ 06:33 pm
It seems that some of the plugins I use are not yet compatible with Eclipse Ganymede (3.4), so I get to reinstall v3.3 and go from there. Oh well.
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Hmm. Jul. 7th, 2008 @ 06:11 pm
It seems that there's a new version of Eclipse (IDE) out, and I didn't know it.

Version 3.4 (Eclipse Ganymede) is available from the Eclipse site (here).

Now, I get to find out of my plugins (That I was using with Version 3.3) work with this or not:

PyDev (Python IDE)
Subclipse (SVN Integration)

Will report with status after update/reinstallation of plugins!
Current Mood: curiouscurious
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Other entries
» IRC & Python
So...I started to fiddle with Python and IRC today..using this neat library called "Twisted".

Apparently it's some sort of asynchronous network library, which is lovely for doing stuff with...even if I don't fully know what that means.

Also...upon reading the IRC Protocol's RFC...I have determined that the protocol is AMAZINGLY SIMPLE, as opposed to what I thought it would be!

This is a small thing I wrote to test Twisted/IRC, to see if I could write something that would even connect. It also includes XML parsing, as the bot's name/channel/whatever are all stored in a config file which is read upon initialization.

IRC Bot Listing (Python)Collapse )

As you can see, if you know anything of Python, this is INCREDIBLY simple and easy to read. Here's some links regarding the project I'm working on...

Python Documentation
Twisted Documentation
Twisted API
RFC 1459 (IRC Protocol)
» IRC Bot Stuff
So, I rethought my bot project for IRC, and I've changed my mind...

I am probably going to be using Python instead of Perl to develop it, as I've got some friends doing similar things that can help me if need be, and it'll be a cool way to learn a new language!

It already seems to have built in XML parsing and various other useful things, so this shouldn't be too bad afterall.
» AC 2008 Recap!
So, I ended up going to AC this year, and it was pretty awesome. I got to hang out with my awesome boyfriend, Whitetail, and buy art and stuff.

I had some kickass sushi one night, we went to Crystal's bar every night (I think?) and we had a totally awesome time.

As for art, I got some art done by one of my friends, (n), and it turned out really well.

ArchWolf & Whitetail (NSFW)Collapse )

Obviously, that would be me on the left, and my cute/awesome boyfriend on the right.

I am really happy with how that pic turned out. Thanks a ton, n!

Also...it seems that today is the 6-month anniversary of my relationship with Whitetail...so...yay! Love you, hun!

Will possibly post more about AC later, but too tired to bother now. Peace out.
» Bleh.
    So...tonight was a pretty lame day at work. That place has the potential to be boring, frustrating, and hectic all at the same time.

    In other news, I bought Age of Conan yesterday (the 13th), and it's pretty awesome. The combat is pretty neat, and the game is really neat, even on my really old system. I can't wait to get a new PC built/purchased sometime this year to play it on. Here's a list of my characters thus far:

Misuto -- Level 5 Ranger
Hidaga -- Level 3 Assassin
Kaajin -- Level 5 Conqueror

    I will probably post screenshots or something later, but as for now...hoping they fix launch problems and optimize more so the game will run better.
» IRC Network
So...a friend of mine and I have decided to start up our own little IRC network of sorts, and I thought I'd talk about it here briefly.

We've decided to name the network "antiNode", which is a sort of play on "FreeNode", another IRC network.  The main purpose right now is for our own personal testing (IRC bot development project for myself, not sure as far as my friend).

Anyone who wants to stop by can do so by connecting to the following:

Server:  irc.regolithstudios.com:6667
Channel:  #rs-test

I'm connected myself 24/7, so if you leave a PM, I will eventually get back to you.  Cheers!
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